Rotary E-Club of the Carolinas Photo Gallery

May 2023 - District 7750 CART Training, Annual Meeting Research Grants
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May 1st and 2nd in Greenville, SC attendees received training Monday afternoon ranging from CART branding, imaging and social media to portal functionality sprinkled with lots of Rotary fellowship. Few members of the E-club attended the Monday session in person.
Apr.2023 District 7750 All Clubs Conference - Service Day
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What a great way to spend Friday afternoon doing multiple service projects with other District rotarians!
Apr. 2023 District 7750 All Clubs Conference - E-Club moments
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It was great spending time with our fellow club members, great fellowship, fun and service weekend! Our club had the highest presence among all District clubs, so proud!
Apr. 23 - April is Enviromental Month - E-Club committed to Acts of Greens
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For a second year our clubs' members have committed to Acts of Greens, from promoting and sharing new ideas for recycling as much as possible to reducing single use of plastic. Everyone can make a difference!
Feb. 2023 Education Project in Uganda -
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Thanks Rotary E-Club of the Carolinas for the great support and love over this Young man through our organization. The $300 donations used to buy a refurbished laptop to help his education in Computer Science.
Feb. 2023 Disaster Relief in Turkey and Syria - w/Shelter Box
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The Rotary E-Club of the Carolinas responds to the Disaster Relief in Turkey and Syria by donating One Shelter Box [$ 1.000]
Dec. 2022 - E-Club members never stop to serve
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In the Holiday spirit, service, fun and felloship!
Dec. 2022 E-Club members committed to the enviroment and active leaving with PAL
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PAL (Play-Advocate-Live Well) is promoting active living, healthy eating and fostering health equity in Spartanburg SC. Few members are actively involved with the organizzation by helping upkeep trails in the Spartanburg County.
Nov. 2022 - 3rd Annual Veterans Day Remote Service Project.
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Club members with our Clemson partners writing more than 200 notes of encouragment and gratitude to our Veterans in Upstate South Carolinas
Oct. 2022 - E-Club members joined PAL [Partners for Active Living] w/ Trees Coalition in Spartanburg
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E-Club members joined PAL [ Partners for Active Living] and Trees Coalition in Spartanburg County on Sat. 29th for the periodic trail stewardship service. We cleaned up several trees from the tangling English Ivy that suffocates them. Removed debris around the area.
Aug. 2022 10th Anniversary Celebration!
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Club President Lenna Corley Young emceed the celebration of our club’s FIRST ten years of fellowship and worldwide service! Charter President Gary Goforth provided a detailed account of why and how the E-Club was formed, pioneering the E-Club concept, how the club overcame the challenges inherent in having members scattered world-wide, and the MANY successful projects club members have implemented. The best is yet to come!!!
2022-23 Continues our support of Free Little Libraries
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We are so proud to continue our support of Free Little Libraries across the Upstate in South Carolinas. We donate a book every week in honor of our speaker of the day.
June 2022- Notecards for snack packs
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Last month, Liz Brock from Anderson’s United Way presented during our Fellowship Meeting Hour about the Snack Pack program she oversees. The program provides food for students to take home over the weekend. These students may otherwise not have food until they return to school the following Monday. In addition to the food, Liz has been inserting a notecard in each Snack Pack. Teachers have reported these notecards have been meaningful to them.
Apr.2022 Support to Ukraine Refugees with Mary and Martha Services
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Support for the Ukraine Refugees is done in different ways by our club starting by donating to the Disaster Relief set up by Rotary International of more than $ 1,000.00, volunteering with a local organization in Spartanburg County, Mary and Martha Services and supporting the cause by donating also $ 600.00 to the organization that provides household items and furniture for the resettlement of those families.
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